"Standing in the Shadow of Law"

    An instructional manual of preventative and protective measures to help protect against and prepare for legal actions against you as a Foster, Adoptive, or Biological Parent. A road map, if you will, for the legal maneuverings  and allegations brought toward you as a Parent and/or those children you have a protective/parenting obligation to.
    To know and protect your rights and, if necessary, to organize your own case in a professional manner should there be a legal encounter for either you or the children.

      Either to assist your attorney or represent your self.

        What others have said about "Standing in the Shadow of Law";

A Judge said  of a parent who  followed  the  information that is in this book
"I have never seen anyone so organized
including some attorneys appearing in this courtroom."

Foster parents are saying; 
  "If you follow the guidelines in this book you will see inconsistencies and recognize mistakes made by your agency"

"You can turn in your "law book" to answer any question
that is addressed to you  in the courtroom"

"This equips us to be able to present our cases in a professional

 One foster parents advice; "if you cannot afford an attorney you must have a copy of this phenomenal book".
Comments from other people;  
"biological parents you must read this guide to fighting CPS."

"This author is one person who does not mince words.
Not only what CPS is about but what you can do about it."
"If I can do this anyone can do it".
"We don't always win but this "law book" gives us a chance".
One of the favorite comment which captures the essence of what
 "Standing in the Shadow of Law" is all about;
 "we need to approach parenting with a new outlook, protecting ourselves as parents from an enemy to parenting called CPS. Not ourselves becoming as knowledgeable as attorneys but with basic understanding of our rights and fighting for those rights."


                    Start organizing your case or prevent a case from ever happening by following this step by step manual.
                    The moment you receive your investigative report from
you will be one step ahead
of them in getting ready to appear in court.

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